Planning your therapy

What’s the difference between each type of therapist?

While some people work with a psychiatrist who can prescribe medication, My Therapy Assistant is focused on talking therapies - specifically, the work of highly trained psychotherapists and psychologists. Unlike counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists come with more experience and a higher level of qualification. As a result, they are able to work through more severe challenges on a medium or long-term basis.

Our focus on these professionals makes it easier to feel confident about quality, whichever therapist you choose.

What type of therapy do I need?

Our aim is to make finding the perfect fit quicker and easier. That’s why we offer two ways to get started. With our search and filter tools, you can easily browse a range of therapists. This is a good way to see the kinds of challenges that they can help with. Meanwhile, our confidential online questionnaire has been professionally designed to guide you in finding a suitable therapist.

Do I need online or in-person therapy?

We’re passionate about the potential of technology to make therapy a better experience for everyone. But both online and in-person therapies remain important and both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. What makes My Therapy Assistant special is the way you can choose the right session types for your lifestyle and what you want to work on.

Who is group therapy for?

Group therapy can be very useful for exploring relationship difficulties or sharing experiences with other participants. Our search and filter tools make it easy for you to find practitioners who can offer this kind of therapy.


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